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Cannibal poster
Drama , Romance , Thriller
Negara: Spain , Romania , Russia , France
Release: Oct 11, 2013
Carlos adalah penjahit paling bergengsi di Granada, tapi dia juga seorang pembunuh dalam bayang-baya... Lihat Detail
Fidelity poster
Negara: Russia
Release: Oct 31, 2019
Lena is a talented midwife and gynaecologist, her husband Serezha is an actor at a provincial drama ... Lihat Detail
Secret Magic Control Agency poster
Animation , Adventure , Comedy
Negara: Russia , USA
Release: Mar 18, 2021
The Secret Magic Control Agency sends its two best agents, Hansel and Gretel, to fight against the w... Lihat Detail
Better Than Us - Season 1 poster
Drama , Sci-Fi
Negara: Russia , UK
Release: Nov 23, 2018
In 2029, robots have become an ordinary part of human life - they help raise children, work as perso... Lihat Detail
The North Wind poster
Drama , Fantasy , Romance
Negara: Russia
Release: Feb 11, 2021
The Northern Clan of manufacturers in the era of the great matriarchy celebrates the New Year night ... Lihat Detail
Queen of Spades: Through the Looking Glass poster
Negara: Russia
Release: Mar 14, 2019
The sinister ghost of the Queen of Spades is out for blood, her victims the students of an old board... Lihat Detail
Trotsky poster
Negara: Russia
Release: Nov 06, 2017
Kalashnikov AK-47 poster
Biography , War
Negara: Russia
Release: Feb 20, 2020
Tank commander Kalashnikov is severely injured in battle in 1941. The accident leaves him incapacita... Lihat Detail
T-34 poster
Action , War
Negara: Russia
Release: Dec 27, 2018
1941 - WWii. the second lieutenant Nikolai ivushkin, commander of a t-34, engages in an unequal batt... Lihat Detail
Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan poster
Action , Adventure , Biography
Negara: Russia , Germany , Kazakhstan
Release: Sep 20, 2007
Cerita menceritakan kehidupan awal Genghis Khan, seorang budak yang kemudian menaklukkan setengah du... Lihat Detail
Invasion poster
Action , Sci-Fi
Negara: Russia
Release: Jan 01, 2020
After the fall of the alien ship, it took three years. The catastrophe turned the girl's life from C... Lihat Detail
Machete Kills poster
Action , Crime , Sci-Fi
Negara: Russia , USA
Release: Sep 12, 2013
Mantan agen Federale Machete direkrut oleh Presiden Amerika Serikat untuk sebuah misi yang tidak mun... Lihat Detail
Flight Crew poster
Action , Adventure , Drama
Negara: Russia , Cambodia
Release: Apr 21, 2016
Sebuah cerita tentang keberanian, pengorbanan diri dan martabat manusia diadili oleh kekuatan tanpa ... Lihat Detail
The Conquest Of Siberia poster
Action , Drama , History
Negara: Russia
Release: Feb 21, 2019
Ivan Demarin, a young officer of Peter the First’s new guards, follows the Tsar’s order and goes... Lihat Detail
Coma poster
Action , Adventure , Fantasy
Negara: Russia
Release: Nov 19, 2019
A young and talented architect comes to his senses after a horrific accident only to find himself in... Lihat Detail
The Blackout poster
Action , Drama , Sci-Fi
Negara: Russia
Release: Nov 21, 2019
No meteorites hit Earth, no terrorists put the world in danger, no atomic war was started, but somet... Lihat Detail
Attraction poster
Romance , Sci-Fi
Negara: Russia
Release: Jan 26, 2017
Setelah kecelakaan kapal asing mendarat ke sebuah kota Rusia, banyak yang memiliki melihat di dalam ... Lihat Detail
Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest poster
Negara: Russia
Release: Feb 27, 2020
The young family who moved to a new apartment on the outskirts of the city. The nanny hired by them ... Lihat Detail
Spacewalk poster
Adventure , Drama , History
Negara: Russia
Release: Apr 12, 2017
March 1965. In the heat of the Cold War, the USA and the USSR are competing for supremacy in space. ... Lihat Detail
Journey to China poster
Action , Adventure , Family
Negara: China , Russia
Release: Aug 16, 2019
The Russian Czar Peter the Great commissions Jonathan Green, an English traveller, to map the Far Ea... Lihat Detail
Dance to Death poster
Action , Drama , Sci-Fi
Negara: Russia
Release: Mar 16, 2017
Deadly dance tournament is carried out in the city survived after nuclear apocalypse. Energy is ext... Lihat Detail
Sobibor poster
Drama , History , Thriller
Negara: Russia
Release: May 03, 2018
Based on the true story, international historical project “Sobibor” is dedicated to the heroism ... Lihat Detail
Sheep & Wolves: Pig Deal poster
Animation , Adventure , Comedy
Negara: Russia
Release: Jan 24, 2019
The united town of sheep and wolves lives a peaceful and quiet life until two unexpected guests turn... Lihat Detail
Magic Arch poster
Animation , Family
Negara: Hungary , Russia
Release: Oct 01, 2020
A young dolphin with an active imagination saves Fish Town from evil Moray Eels and reunites with hi... Lihat Detail