E1: Appetite for Instruction
E2: Gwyneth & Tony & Chelsea & TED
E3: Dinner Party: Captain America & Friends
E4: Gwen Stefani
E5: Wanda Sykes and the 2016 Political Scene
E6: Christina Aguilera & Chelsea on Ice
E7: Barbara Boxer & Souls to the Polls
E8: Perils of Porn & Rachel Bloom's Big Year
E9: Ashton Kutcher & the App Economy
E10: Dinner Party: Adventures in Parenting
E11: Magic & GMOs with Lizzy Caplan
E12: ​Election Math & Megan Fox
E13: Warrior Dash & Will Arnett
E14: Summits
E15: The Case for Cannabis with Wiz Khalifa
E16: Cocaine Kingpins & the Science of Sleep
E17: ​Ellen Page & Inspiring Role Models
E18: Trump Mania & Kegel Exercises
E19: Paulson
E20: Biker Life & Michael Strahan
E21: Devine
E22: Anna Kendrick & Social Media Snafus
E23: ​Blake Shelton & Hillary's VP Options
E24: Tarzan
E25: Vicente Fox & All Things Mexico
E26: ​Charlize Theron & Convention Fever
E27: ​Bill Maher & Dirty Water Polo Tricks
E28: LGBTQ Life with Jane Lynch & E.J. Johnson
E29: Bucking the Rules with Melissa McCarthy
E30: Brexit's Aftermath & Competitive Tickling
E31: ​Trump's Other Reality Show
E32: ​This Is My Home
E33: ​Tatiana Maslany Takes All the Good Parts
E34: ​Dinner Party: The God Question
E35: ​Chelsea Does the DNC
E36: You Have a Speedo For Me?
E37: ​A Prodigy in Our Midst
E38: ​Putting Compton Back on the Map
E39: ​Mission to Moscow
E40: ​The Porn King of Japan
E41: ​Zelda Williams Defies the Trolls
E42: Let's Go on My Tinder
E43: ​For You to Get This Hostile Is Weird
E44: ​We Have Influencers Here
E45: ​How Could People Go Off on You?
E46: ​It Felt Like Racist WrestleMania
E47: ​That's MY Tight End
E48: ​Oh
E49: ​Dinner Party: The State of Politics
E50: ​Flashbacks to the Good Old '80s
E51: The Right
E52: ​Sex in Space
E53: ​I Was a Ticking Time Bomb
E54: ​My Story is an American Story
E55: ​Fame Is Just Weird to Me
E56: ​Would You Buy Your Dad a Hooker?
E57: ​Bareback Riding Skills
E58: I Was Naked on Broadway
E59: ​Boys Are Told Not to Cry
E60: ​When Ann Coulter Calls in Sick
E61: ​Climate Change Is Here and It's Real
E62: ​I Love a Good Mean Joke
E63: It's Girl Empowerment
E64: ​Do You Know How to Use the Car?
E65: So Let's Take a Test
E66: I Don't Want to Mess Up Again
E67: ​Dinner Party: These Strong Women
E68: ​That's When Madea Was Born
E69: ​I'm Here to Volunteer
E70: Whoa
E71: ​I Feel Like I'm in a Fellini Film
E72: ​It Tears You Down and Builds You
E73: How Dark My Life Once Was
E74: So Fiercely Proud of My Mom
E75: ​Please Take My Knickers Off
E76: ​They Said It's a Man's Game
E77: Do Not Despair About Our Country
E78: Dinner Party: The Best Relationships
E79: Inside the Trump Tower Bubble
E80: You Secretly Hope You're Worthy
E81: You're Basically a Piece of Meat
E82: ​First Train to Tokyo
E83: ​We Cannot Go Back to Sleep
E84: You Need to Be More Sexual
E85: ​Dinner Party: Going to Prison
E86: ​Let's Talk Pipeline
E87: ​The Really Uncoordinated Superhero
E88: Both Naughty and Nice
E89: We Got to See a Beacon of Light
E90: Can You Tell I'm a Nightmare?

Chelsea - Season 1 (2016)

Release Date: May 11, 2016
Sinopsis: Chelsea Handler interviews celebrities, academics, and professionals in her new show on Netflix.
Genre: Comedy , Talk-Show
Negara: USA
Produksi: Netflix
Durasi Film: 30 Menit

Nonton Chelsea - Season 1 (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Nonton Chelsea - Season 1 di MovieSRC gratis dengan subtitle Indonesia! Film ini merupakan film ber-genre Comedy,Talk-Show dengan total 90 Episode dan total penayangan 240,257 kali, yang merupakan produksi dari Netflix pada tanggal 11 May 2016 sangat direkomendasikan untuk ditonton, memiliki rating 6.1 dari 1,897 votes berdasarkan IMDB, film yang merupakan produksi negara USA memiliki durasi 30 menit dengan aktor utama Chelsea Handler serta disutradarai oleh Rik Reinholdtsen, Blake Webster dapat anda tonton di rumah hanya dengan menggunakan koneksi internet dan hp. Untuk melihat trailer film ini dapat melalui tombol trailer di atas atau kunjungi website youtube di Trailer Film Chelsea - Season 1 2016

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